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WATCH IT - Release Notes

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Release 2.0.0

Added Admin scope to add enhanced security

Release 1.1.2

Updated project permission from old permission to new permission

Release 1.1.1

Fix comment update/create event not working (functionality changed by Atlassian)

Release 1.1.0

Add ability to get scheduled notifications based on a JQL query.

Release 1.0.7

Minor URL modification

Release 1.0.6

Changed name to Watch It, added new screens for watching and adding watchers

Release 1.0.5

Moved Admin screen, added language support and add/edit has advanced/basic modes

Release 1.0.4

Part 2 (last) of removing functionality​ deprecated by Atlassian, please update

Release 1.0.3

Part 1 of removing functionality​ deprecated by Atlassian

Release 1.0.2

Added In JIRA notifications

Release 1.0.1

Initial Release.


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