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Non-versioned releases can happen reasonably frequent and only those that add menu items or screens get a release version number.

Release 1.1.15

Stop next gen projects from showing "Open" section. Now shows recent messages

Release 1.1.14

Allow project templates to be defined. Add examples to getting started page

Release 1.1.13

Added getting started page

Release 1.1.12

Added Global Executors

Release 1.1.11

Minor version update

Release 1.1.10

Minor version update

Release 1.1.9

Added Executors to be used instead of Post Functions

Release 1.1.8

Added transition auditing screen in project admin

Release 1.1.7

Minor version update

Release 1.1.6

Minor version update

Release 1.1.5

Minor version update

Release 1.1.4

You can now specify ${Summary}, ${Description}, ${Type}, ${Assignee}, ${Reporter} or a custom field ${My Custom Field} to the summary or description fields to get the parent (for creating issues) or current (when updating issues) field values.  Added ${reporter} and ${assignee} to the reporter and assignee fields.  Updated visuals to latest look and feel.  Added change log screen to monitor template changes.

Release 1.1.3

Minor URL modification

Release 1.1.2

Add ability to transition linked issues during the parent's transition

Release 1.1.1

Allow access to templates screen for users in a group

Release 1.1.0

Initial Release.


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