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SUB TASK MANAGER - Release Notes

Non-versioned releases happen reasonably frequent and only those that add menu items or screens get a release version number.

Release 3.0.0

Added Admin scope to add enhanced security

Release 2.0.0

API Updates

Release 1.1.26

Added ability to hide issue menu items

Release 1.1.25

Minor version update

Release 1.1.24

Minor version update

Release 1.1.23

Minor version update

Release 1.1.22

Minor version update

Release 1.1.21

Minor version update

Release 1.1.20

Stop next gen projects from showing "Open" section. Now shows recent messages

Release 1.1.19

Minor version update

Release 1.1.18

Added getting started page

Release 1.1.17

Added Global Executors for multi-project creation of issues

Release 1.1.16

Minor updates

Release 1.1.15

New Create Bulk Unconnected menu in issue for manually create unlinked issues

Release 1.1.14

Added Executors for automatic issue creation (easier than post functions)

Release 1.1.13

Minor updates

Release 1.1.12

Updated project permission from old permission to new permission

Release 1.1.11

Update project menu text

Release 1.1.10

Project level Audit screen for seeing what happens in Transitions

Release 1.1.9

Add delete bulk linked and Epic issues. Add auditing changes to templates

Release 1.1.8

Minor URL modification

Release 1.1.7

Added ability to allow other user groups to have access to project templates

Release 1.1.6

Menu and page name changes

Release 1.1.5

Global template access can now be added using user groups in the config screen

Release 1.1.4

Add ability to apply template to all items in an issue filter (from export menu)

Release 1.1.3

Move Global Sub Task menu item to top level menu. Can no longer use project menu

Release 1.1.2

Minor version update

Release 1.1.1

Minor version update

Release 1.1.0

Added bulk delete sub tasks, required scopes changed

Release 1.0.7

Added ability to create linked issues by template

Release 1.0.6

Added ability to create linked issues by template

Release 1.0.5

Global templates and sub tasks / epic issues created using workflow transitions

Release 1.0.4

Update incorrect text

Release 1.0.3

Minor bug fixes. You can now create Issues for Agile Epics using templates.

Release 1.0.2

Minor version update

Release 1.0.1

Initial Release.

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