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Release 3.8.0 (Jira 7.6+)

Jira 8.12 compatibility, minor bug fix

Release 3.7.0

Jira 8.4 compatibility

Release 3.6.0

Jira 8.2 Compatibility

Release 3.5.0

Minor bug fix and Data Center compatibility

Release 3.4.0

Custom Field, Optional Permanent Delete for version files, minor version bug fixes

Release 3.3.1

Fixed problems with user group access to attach button

Release 3.3.0

Jira 7.10 compatibility and fixed project icon not always displaying

Release 3.2.1

Made change to fix project.organization.url problem that occurs on some systems

Release 3.2.0

JIRA 7.1.0 compatibility

Release 3.1.0

  • ​JIRA 7 compatibility

  • Stopped Keep history checkbox from failing to enable select box on some systems

  • Fixed the number of historical files to keep (for 2 and 5 it was keeping 1 and 4 respectively)

Release 3.0.6

Fixed bug caused by user keys with upper case letters

Release 3.0.5

  • Now works with JIRA 6.4

  • Fixed bug that occurred when updating a file that had no history

  • Fixed incorrect time displayed in Project screen

  • Fixed a couple of javascript errors

Release 3.0.4

Fixed issue where the project tab would not render on some versions of JIRA

Release 3.0.3

  • Fix project tab load and admin screen save problem

  • Added configuration button on plugins page

  • Added clustering compatibility​

Release 3.0.2

Fixed issue with search all for Oracle databases

Release 3.0.1

Fixed problem with javascript not always loading

Release 3.0

You are now able to retain multiple versions of a document that is uploaded into JIRA.  You can also view the history of changes to the document, comment, show on all issues and category.​

Release 2.0.1

Meta Data Fix

Release 2.0

Added the ability to attach documents that are only related to a Project and not an Issue.  These documents can also optionally be shown in all Issues with the project.

Release 1.0

Initial Release.

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