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NOTIFY WATCHER - Release Notes

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Release 1.7.0 (Jira 8.0.0+)

Jira 8.10 compatibility

Release 1.6.0

Jira 8.4 compatibility

Release 1.5.0

Jira 8 Compatibility

Release 1.4.0

Jira 7.10 compatibility and fixed project icon not always displaying

Release 1.3.3

Jira 7.8 compatibility

Release 1.3.2

Made change to fix project.organization.url problem that occurs on some systems

Release 1.3.1

Fixed problem with icons/menu not always showing correctly in the Issue screen

Release 1.3.0

Jira 7 compatibility & fixed issues with upper case usernames & renamed users

Release 1.2.0

Added the ability to select which notification events you want to monitor for watching Projects

Release 1.1.0

Added Project watchers.  Fixed bug that was hiding icon buttons on issue screen.

Release 1.0.1

Minor layout fix

Release 1.0.0

Initial Release.



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