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CUSTOM FIELDS for Jira Cloud - Release Notes

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Version 1.2.6

Updated project permission from old permission to new permission

Version 1.2.5

Minor URL modification

Version 1.2.4

Add validators for fields

Version 1.2.3

Move Basic Project Search menu item to top level menu. Can no longer use project menu

Version 1.2.2

Added a Basic Project Search screen for searching global project fields

Release 1.2.1

Added ability for users to add other languages (German included)

Release 1.2.0

Option to allow Issue fields to be searchable using JQL and be seen in the Issue Navigator (Applies only to Dates, Strings, Labels, Numbers, single item Lists). To be searchable the fields have a JIRA Custom Field associated with it although this field does not appear in any of the screens. This is the reason for the ADMIN scope being added.

Release 1.1.1

Added cleanup of data when Issue deleted, busy icon for loading Field Creator

Release 1.1.0

Initial Release.

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