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Secure Admin for Confluence Server


This plugin allows you to restrict access to all Confluence administration pages  This allows you to share the administration tasks. such as user management, to other users reducing your workload, allowing for quick turn around time and scalability.  Even though more users have access to the administration area access to sensitive the users only see the pages that you want them to.

When a user attempts to access a tab that they don't have access to a message is displayed telling them that access is denied.

Configuring Access

NOTE: Add full access users first to avoid potentially being locked out of the configuration screen

By default, the Secure Admin plugin allows the same access level to the administration pages as normally applies.  Access can be defined as full access to users or limited access to users.  Full access users will have access to every administration page and limited access users can only access the pages assigned to them.  To start with you should first add at least one full access users.  If you do not do this then you could potentially lock yourself out of accessing the configuration screen and being able to make any future changes.

The configuration page for Secure Admin can be found under the Atlassian Marketplace section, below Manage apps.


One or more full access users can be added by clicking on the Add Full Access User button.  This will show the following dialog.  One or more users may be entered.


Once the Add Users button has been clicked the user(s) are added to the Full access table.  Hovering over the user shows the delete button that can be used to remove that user.


A limited access user can be added by clicking on the Add Limited Access User button.  This will show the following dialog.  A single user and one or more pages can be entered.


Once the Add Limited Access User button has been clicked the user and access pages are added to the Limited access table.  Hovering over the user shows the edit, duplicate and delete button for maintaining that entry.


Users with Limited Access

When a user with limited access goes to the admin section they still see all administration menu items but if they click on one they don't have access to then a "Access Denied" message is displayed.

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