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Release 2.1.2 (Jira 7.9+)

Fix updated and create comment field being set in cloned issue

Release 2.1.1 (Jira 7.9+)

A fix to display correct datetime when server is in different location than user

Release 2.1.0 (Jira 7.9+)

Jira 8.12, added the ability to force re-index of an issue on last comment change

Release 2.0.0 (Jira 7.6+)

Allow import/export with Botron Configuration Manager. Security Updates

Release 1.8.9

Fix incorrect delete user when deleting comments using single sign-on

Release 1.8.8

Fix issue with delete comment missing last change in some Jira versions

Release 1.8.7

Fix icon size problem

Release 1.8.6

Minor bug fix

Release 1.8.5

Security Fix for REST API

Release 1.8.4

Fix profile link bug

Release 1.8.3

Fixed loading problem when cookies not available

Release 1.8.2

New Icons

Release 1.8.1 (Jira 7+)

Data center compatibility plus fix bug where Show More link wouldn't always show

Release 1.8.0 (Jira 7+)

Data center compatibility

Release 1.7.1 (Jira 7+)

Fix bug where "Show More" link wouldn't show on last comment in issue navigator

Release 1.7.0 (Jira 7+)

Expand/collapse for last comment. Fixed bug with displaying large images

Release 1.6.3

Fixed error that occurred when not using last comment

Release 1.6.2

Translate missed hover text into German

Release 1.6.1

Fixed the display of Umlauts

Release 1.6.0

Added German translations

Release 1.5.2

Fix bug that stopped history icon showing for non english languages

Release 1.5.1

Fixed problems where if the last updated/created comment was deleted the search fields would be null and if a comment is updated and the created search field was for the same comment it wouldn't be updated with the new value. The fix will stop this happening but won't fix current issues until a comment is updated/created

Release 1.5.0

Add REST API for getting access to an Issues comments and history

Release 1.4.2

Fix problem where history icon not appearing in issues filter screen

Release 1.4.1

Fixed bug that caused log errors when using custom fields and long comments

Release 1.4.0

Can now search for an Issue by last updated/created comment using JQL

Release 1.3.7

Introduced more error handling around the comment history tab

Release 1.3.6

Fixed issue with cleanup when deleting issue

Release 1.3.5

Fix bug with missing last comment data

Release 1.3.4

Fixed issue that sometimes generates an error with secure comments

Release 1.3.3

Fixed issue with non logged in users entering comments

Release 1.3.2

Fixed error for initial last comment

Release 1.3.1

Made change to fix project.organization.url problem

Release 1.3.0

JIRA 7.1.0 Compatibility

Release 1.2.1

Fix license error and missing admin vertical tab bar

Release 1.2.0

JIRA 7 compatibility and last comment default is to show

Release 1.1.0

Data centre compatibility

Release 1.0.16

Fixed Last Comment to use transition comments

Release 1.0.15

Fixed problem with Last Comment on new Issues

Release 1.0.14

Fixed problem with Last Comment on new Issues

Release 1.0.13

Now support alternate renderers like JEditor

Release 1.0.12

6.3.x Compatibility

Release 1.0.11

Add configuration button to manage attachments screen to allow easy access to the Comment History admin screen.

Release 1.0.10

Enhancements of the Comment History tab and 6.2 upgrade

Release 1.0.9

Ensure cleanup is done correctly

Release 1.0.8

Decreased the number of database queries by coding around JIRA default behaviour.  Fixed issue that stopped inline images appearing correctly in Comment History.

Release 1.0.7

Performance Improvement

Release 1.0.6

Fixed issue with history showing in All tab

Release 1.0.5

Add the viewing of a comments history from the Comment tab

Release 1.0.4

Fixed javascript error that would cause the progress to remain stuck on the screen

Release 1.0.3

Fixed javascript error that was causing an incorrect busy cursor

Release 1.0.2

Extended supported versions to 5.2 - 5.2.11 and 6.0 - 6.1.3

Release 1.0.1

Performance enhancement.

Release 1.0

Initial Release.



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